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Quote from aggravated View Post :
At this point, I'm going to assume that Lenovo tries to gain all their profit margin in their laptops through craptastic screens. If enough people don't settle for that trash maybe one day manufacturers will get a clue.

Note to Lenovo, et al....Apple is also the most profitable PC maker in the world. They didn't get there by putting trashing screens in 95% of their products.
What. the. f**k? You are seriously comparing a $700 Lenovo laptop to Apple laptops that cost almost twice as much if not more and complaining about poorer specs? Spend $1000 - $1300 and you can get a Lenovo with good specs and a good screen:

But yes, lets bitch about how Lenovo's budget end laptop/ultrabook doesn't stack up in comparison to Apple products that cost twice as much. Do you even stop to think rationally before you begin your rants?