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Quote from UnstableChimp View Post :
I wish there was a website to file complaints against entitled consumers.

Best Buy made an obvious mistake with this coupon, and they have every right to correct the mistake. If you ever took a wrong turn, and found yourself going the wrong way down a one way street, I would have no problem with allowing you the courtesy to take corrective action, rather than put yourself in danger.
Have you even put them side by side and done a comparison? It doesn't even look like the same coupon? I wasn't even able to use ONE and was given the run around... Spent 2 hours in store, 3 on the phone being transferred around, an hour in driving back and forth twice... Bought $200 in prepaid MasterCard cards with the intention of using two. Ridiculous... Need I add my 2 month experience of being without my laptop last year when their joke repair center couldn't figure out what was wrong with my 5 year old piece of junk other than the fact it was a piece of junk (that was still under their warranty plan.) I'm tired of their bs. No offense. And with my laptop last year I easily spent over 12 hours on the phone over those 2 months, countless times in store after receiving false pick up in store emails...
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