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Quote from phazein View Post :
Debating between the t4i and d5200. If I'm primarily looking to shoot video what would my fellow slickdealers recommend? I've visited many web sites and every one has a different opinion.
The D5200 is probably the better camera. Better sensor, and the autofocus-system from the D7000. Canon's been lagging a bit with their sensors lately, but Canon and Nikon take turns trumping each other, so eventually Canon will release something to trump Nikon.

In any case, the D5200 is $900 with ONE lens right now. This is $700 for TWO lenses, you can very likely get $150 for the 55-250mm (although it's a great lightweight zoom lens, I'd keep it unless you have something better). That makes the body+lens price of the T4i $550!

$550 vs. $900. Yes the D5200 is better, it's also $350 more, Personally, I would get the T4i, if I could get the D5200 for $100 more than the T4i, it would be a tougher decision.

Also, are you planning on shooting a lot of video? Canon's STM lenses are probably more suited for video than whatever Nikon has available right now. Just another point to consider.

At the end of the day, you're buying into a system, whether that's Canon or Nikon. Each will take turns having the "best" camera at a given price point, but what's far more important is which system you buy into. Once you have a collection of lenses, switching brands is more difficult. How much money are you planning on spending? In general, IMO, Canon traditionally offered better value for money as their lenses generally sell for a bit less than Nikon (usually around 20% less), although this may change with Canon's updated pricing policy. Canon also typically manufactures lenses in Japan, Malaysia or Taiwan. Nikon lenses usually come from Japan, Thailand or China, but have a 5-year warranty vs. Canon's 1-year, and also include a bag and lens hood (I almost never use the individual lens bags, and aftermarket hoods are dirt cheap) ... so Nikon gives you more stuff but charges a bit more and arguably has cheaper manufacturing costs. Traditionally, Canon has had a better lineup of zoom lenses, while Nikon has had a better lineup of landscape lenses. Each system has lenses at given price-points that the other doesn't have. Nikon offers a fantastic 35mm f/1.8 prime lens for around $200 whereas Canon has nothing like it. Canon offers the 70-200mm F4L zoom lens for around $600 whereas Nikon has nothing like it. Camera bodies always lose value quickly, lenses typically do not.

I don't think you can go wrong with either the D5200 or the T4i. Given the price difference I'd get the T4i. If the D5200 was FP on SD, then I would probably lean the other way. They're both great cameras.

At this price you could try it out and likely sell it if you wanted to change your mind. It's almost inevitable that the D5200 will see some major price drops in the upcoming months (For reference D3200 was released around $750 I believe, and after a few months was selling at $599). T4i might have also originally been $899, if I remember correctly. Since the D5200 is a bit better on paper, we'll probably continue to see T4i deals ... competition is good for the consumer! Both likely take excellent pictures (I haven't used either, but have used the D5100 and T3i extensively, pros and cons to each brand, they're far more similar than they are different).

Quote from alison03 View Post :
Appreciate it! I want the 55-250 lens and by selling everything else it would be a great deal, just worried it would be in pieces! Big Grin
The 18-55mm will probably be in a single box with the T4i. I purchased two T3i's last year. One had the lens in the same box, one had separate boxes. In both cases the 55-250mm that came in the bundle was always boxed on its own (retail box) which made selling it much easier Smilie

Each time I was able to get $150ish for it, but sometimes if there a lot of bundle deals, it helps to wait for some of the aftermarket inventory to clear out Smilie

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