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Quote from handisnacks View Post :
Lenovo (used to be IBM) has hardly any mobile phones on the market in the U.S. For all purposes, they are primarily a PC/Laptop manufacturer. I think they have 1 current tablet on the market, maybe not even that. Either way it's not really a fair comparison in the first place.

Statistics for you (Apple's mobile division):
Apple currently only has ~25% of the cell phone market with it's iPhone.
Apple currently has ~50% market share with it's iPad.
(These numbers above are the only reason why they are still around)

OSX is currently only being run on 7% of computers worldwide. <--- That's nothing. But they can still turn a profit, since they price gouge every person who buys one.

I find it funny when reading these mobile computing statistics that Apple is only included WHEN they include iPad sales. iPads are not computers, and shouldn't be compared to laptops.

Thanks for providing all the info. I'm not really sure how that's relevant to profit, since that is what I was talking about. All I mentioned was profit. Now, can you please provide all the relevant 'profit' figures, since nothing I mentioned was even remotely related to market share.

People are too ignorant about the actual costs of the hardware they buy. Hence, Apple gets away with gouging people, and Lenovo gets away with selling crap. There is a middle ground. Look up the bill of materials on Apple's equipment - you'll be amazed at how little they pay for those retina screens. Then you should immediately be asking "why the hell can't other manufacturers include decent screens if they're that cheap".
01-27-2013, 02:18 AM

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