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Quote from intence01 View Post :
Very good advice. While the NEX and M43 (micro 4/3rds) cameras look appealing due to their small size, as soon as you start putting lenses on them they aren't much easier to carry around than a small SLR. You typically give up having a real viewfinder, and you give up a LOT of selection regarding lenses. Any camera using a very large sensor and interchangeable lenses will need a relatively large lens (for zooms anyway) and a certain distance between the lens and sensor, making it bulky.

I agree, if you want something portable/pocketable, get the RX100. If you want to change lenses and think you'll invest in a system over time, get a DSLR. Eventually, it's likely you might end up with both!

For stunning portraits/baby pictures, get a lens with a nice wide aperture for the Canon if you can. For a beginner I'd suggest 50mm f/1.8. For about $120 you'll be able to take stunning portraits!
I think Panasonic, aside from the GF/GX line, doesn't think they should be pocketable. The GH3 is the same size as the T4i (shown below) LMAO

The sensor compromise on the m43 is more so about reducing the lens bulk, as seen here:,ha,t

The only thing I can add for indoor shot advice regarding m43 is that if you have low ceilings, bounce flash is useful (GF/GX lineup). In turn, you don't have as high as an ISO capability as the NEX until you step up to the EPL5/EM5/GH3 (neither of which, except for the GH3, has flash).

And on that note, I'd agree with the above poster on getting a prime if you want good indoor shots. Applies for either the m43, the NEX, or Canon/Nikon.

Quote from shrimpsiumai View Post :
this or olympus em-5.... someone please help me decide!
The EM-5 will probably take better pictures as it uses a newer (even if its smaller) sensor than the Canon. Pair with a prime or the Panasonic zooms and you should be set. Canon has a larger lens system, but m43 has covered most of the essentials except for extreme long range.

Compared to the T4i, it will get slightly lower DoF and is less capable when it comes to sports/birds. That being said - the EM5 is like double the price Roll Eyes (Sarcastic)

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