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Excellent tv for the money. I bought one right after black friday from Amazon and couldn't be happier. Just make sure you can control room lighting as it is a glossy screen. Also, be aware that this is a "dumb" tv with no apps, no 3D, or other costly gadgets. It's just a basic tv with a gorgeous picture. It has two HDMI ports and one set of component inputs as well as a digital optical and that's it. If you need more ports, you'll have to use a cheap hdmi switcher (check monoprice).

You won't find a better picture for the price.

The thumbnail picture of the tv is WRONG. The pedestal is no longer a duck foot style pedestal and looks more like a Samsung or LG. Also, the tv has a clear piece trim plastic all around the bezel giving it a modernized look. Amazon has the same picture as the thumbnail but if you can go to Sam's to check it out in person, you'll see what I mean. The model at Sam's is the P60U54 but it's the exact same set, just a differentiating model number. This set has the same pedestal as the ST and GT series do

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