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Quote from papitosabe View Post :
ok, so how does the ranking go regardding plasma, lcd, led?

1. Plasma, Correct?
2. ???
3. ???

I completely forgot about LEDs...I'm guessing its last of the 3...but just a guess...
They all have +'s and -'s. I personally prefer plasmas.

Plasmas = Thicker, heavier, use more energy, bad glare BUT amazing viewing angles, amazing picture quality, No ghosting/motion blur, pitch black BLACKS.

LED = Very energy efficient, can be very thin, can be very light BUT worse picture quality, lighter blacks (dark gray), can have motion blur or soap opera effect, worse viewing angles

LCD = Middle of the road energy efficiency, middle of the road thickness, middle of the road weight, lighter blacks (dark gray), can have motion blur or soap opera effect, worse viewing angles.

I have 1 great Samsung plasma that I love and 2 older LCD's. I would have gotten 3 plasmas if my house would have allowed for it. Plasmas have a full glass layer over the top and are really bad with glare, so they are not ideal for all rooms of your house. I would strongly recommend a plasma for a room with very few windows or bright lights. If you can find an area where glare won't be an issue, and energy use and thickness of the TV don't matter, you MUST get a plasma. You will still get a small amount of image retention every now and then, if you leave it on a screen for hours at a time, but the issues of burn-in are pretty much over.
01-27-2013, 06:04 PM

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