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Quote from matownz View Post :
Anyone here actually seen it in 3D? I can't wait to watch it on my 60" Panasonic in 3D!

Any other recommendations for 3D movies? My favorite three 3D movies I've watched at home so far are Avatar, Prometheus, and Avengers. I've seen some decent animated flicks, but that's not really my cup of tea. I'm hoping this Dredd flick is good!
Saw it in 3D at the movie theaters and the 3D was awesome. The best flick I've seen in 3D so far is Life of Pi. I also have a 3D tv but there are too many 3D flicks I've seen to mention. I'd say watch any Disney/Pixar movie in 3D, Tron is also a good flick in 3D.

Quote from Wincer94 View Post :
I rented this movie in blu ray for almost free the other day using a Redbox code and was surprised that is has the option to watch the movie in 3D. Not sure if this option is available only to those with 3D blu ray player and TV.
Cool! I didn't know you can rent 3D blu rays at redbox. Do you know if there are any other films that are in 3D?

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