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I got this TV from a few weeks ago. WOW! First, the shipping was free (otherwise it would have cost $145!!). When the freight company showed up and I saw the was HUGE!! There was only one guy (no idea how he would have gotten it into my house if I hadn't helped him). He did take the box apart so I could inspect it. My personal opinion is that if the front glass isn't cracked, you're probably good to go. I did buy a Squaretrade warranty for it, just to be safe (used 40% off coupon at the time) It's certainly not a PERFECT tv...but I gotta tell ya...the image quality is unbelievable! You can see the most minutest of details! Separate strands of hair. Really amazing sharpness. The glare is a bummer. There is a company on Amazon that sells an anti-glare/screen protector...but it's expensive. I found the speakers to be much better than I expected. Extremely happy with the purchase, and feel 'safe' with the warranty. It's a big 'ole TV, that's for sure. Do NOT try to lift it by yourself. You could break the glass or drop it (and it's a solid 80+ pounds OUT of the the box, it's about 100 pounds). I was surprised that it doesn't put out hardly any heat at all. Get yourself from HDMI cables from Monoprice and enjoy.
01-27-2013, 07:43 PM

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