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Quote from aero View Post :
What a shame this tread got hijacked by the same sad and pitiful troll, who goes on every laptop thread and complains about his personal single issue of screen resolution. What a childish thing. Every laptop has some balance of features and price. I notice that people who wouldn't buy something other than an i7 don't go on every i5 laptop thread and whine. I notice that people who want an ultrabook don't go on every 6lb laptop thread and hijack and whine. there are a dozen other examples of tradeoffs.
What you never see this troll do is point to a comparable price machine with the same specs and their holy grail of their one pet peeve.

Also "Aggravated" actually used the identical languages as another poster meaning he has two names here because people have gotten so sick of his trolling.

1. Lenovo is massively profitable and has grown phenomenally and now is the number two pc maker in the world, blowing HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, etc out of the water. It deserves that position because it has a very solid line of both premium business class machines and an excellent line of consumer machines.

To claim Lenovo is being hurt by using a screen that allows them to price in the sweet spot is ignorant.

2. this is an excellent laptop for the price with one exception, and it isn't the screen, it is the wifi. If "Aggravated" weren't around that serious consideration would have come up. If you are on a 3 mbps, and in a small home, and/or live in an area without a lot of 2.5 MHz completion, this wont be an issue. If you are used to streaming video in a multiroom home and can see a number of neighbor's 2.5 ghz routers, this may not be the best bet. This is exacerbated by Lenovo's use of bios whitelist meaning replacing their card with a 2.5/5 Ghz is considerable hassle compared with other makers.

I have one of these. I have replaced the card with a 2.5/5 n intel 6xxx. the very latest bios is cracked and around if you care to google, but for the average user the hassle, time and risk is considerable.

One other point on the video card. There is a very good system integrated which allows you to preset which programs use the add on and otherwise you default to the 4000. Mid level games play quite well with this system and you fall back to the 4000 which saves you battery and which is an excellent integrated fro most tasks. You obviously are not buying this to play high end games.

It is a solid build, excellent value.

The fact that this is Costco makes it even more compelling because you can try it out and if you find the wifi wanting you can return it easily. I would not buy this from a company that doesn't allow easy returns due to the wifi.
Yeah, that's what I'm thinking too. Might pick this one up to see how it goes.

When was your U410 manufactured? I've read that Lenovo claimed that the WiFi issue had been resolved for all models made after July. Not sure if that's true though.