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Quote from aggravated View Post :
For all the uniformed that don't know how inexpensive the displays are that we should be getting in most laptops in 2013, see the following. Apple isn't the only one gouging.
Wow, I don't even know where to begin. I'd suggest you begin by reading up on Economies of Scale: . Then understand how Apple has successfully leveraged its huge manufacturing scale and demand for product to squeeze exceptionally low costs on components thanks to economies of scale...something that is not available to that extent to other PC/laptop makers. That will also then explain to you why none of the really well spec'd Android tablets have ever been all that price competitive against the iPad.

Then, try to realize, that the larger the screen, the more expensive it gets to make because yields go down as screen size goes up. So making a 10" screen at high res is still easier and cheaper than making a 13" or 15" screen. Those extra costs add up to quite a bit.

Once you get to that point, try to get out of your head, your naive and stupid notion that any product is worth the sum of the "price" of all its hardware components. There are so many intangibles that you cannot account for in that model, that "cost" the company and as a result trickle down into product costs.

And finally, realize that companies don't exist for charity. They have every right to demand and expect a profit from their sales. So if Lenovo or Apple's product costs you more than it costs them to build, please try not to seem so offended. The market will decide the price of products and if they price too high, their product will fail and they will have to adjust their price or product accordingly.

I hope this explanation helps you find a happier place in life with less anger issues against all the laptop manufacturers out there in the world. They aren't evil, and they aren't trying to rip you off. They're just trying to make a living...same as you and me.

PS - I found it hilarious that the links you provided, basically state that the new Retina displays cost more than a 100% over the previous displays...$68 to $140 per screen. And before you say...well they should increase the price by $50-$60 and just provide a better screen...go back up and re-read all that I wrote. Then also consider that the higher resolution screen needs a better GPU to drive all those pixels and a better processor so the laptop doesn't feel sluggish. And that's before we even delve into the fact that Windows has atrocious DPI scaling, and will look terrible on a computer with a "retina" like resolution.

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