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Quote from phonic View Post :
What are you babbling about? For someone trying to make a point by acting like they're so much better than everyone else, you certainly have your facts messed up (which just makes you look foolish).

This WAS a valid coupon that BEST BUY sent out to many people. MasterCard has absolutely nothing to do with it - it even says so on the coupon. How do you know that he didn't receive it from Best Buy? You don't. While the vast majority of the people in this thread didn't, that doesn't mean no one did.

And there was no "loophole". Best Buy screwed up and sent out a very good (for us) coupon with almost no restrictions. This wasn't a hack, fraud, etc. It was simply a stupid company making a stupid decision, and then trying to cover their asses from the repercussions.

If you think someone trying to use the legitimate coupon for what it says it's valid for is "robbing" Best Buy, well, you're just an idiot.

Next time you should actually read about the deal and understand what happened before telling people off. And if this thread is 'wasting your bandwidth', feel free to leave.
Like I said many times, there is a big difference between getting a bargain and capitalizing someone's mistake and make him/her pay dearly for that mistake. Even news media mentioned that this deal was too good to be true. I talked to Best Buy manager and he told me not too many people received this offer. But there were so many people who never received this offer, but printed so many coupons they used it to buy thousands of dollars worth of Amazon giftcards at 50% off. They bragged how stupid Best Buy was to give away business to competitors. Let's face it. If Best Buy runs this promo all week, I have no doubt many people here would buy every last giftcards Amazon sells in order to make quick profit on eBay. Nobody cared if Best Buy loses billions on this offer. They don't even care if Best Buy goes out of business next month because of what they did.