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Quote from mrbb008 View Post :
On the fence on getting this and fear of plasma glare. I have a 15'x15' room with one 8'x6' window. Right now the 32" lcd sits on the corner next to the window so par of the window is behind the TV. There is only only ceiling light. I wonder what has been your experience on optimal placement of plasma?

Eventually I'd like to put the TV on the NE wall and the window would be on the N wall. Is sunlight coming from the side create much glare/reflection?

If this TV was easily returnable I'd jump on this in no time....
My set up is similar to your current one, in our daylight basement. We have a large (3'x6') window ~3' to the left, and a sliding glass door about the same distance to the right. Neither has given us any glare/reflection issues even during the day, and the daylight coming in from those sources is not distracting either since my son and I have our gaming chairs essentially even with our respective side of the tv, angled in. We do have one fairly dim overhead light in the room that is off to the right side of the tv, a little in front of where we sit. Since I sit on the left side of the tv I do see the reflection of the light and if my part of the split screen is on top I turn off the light. (Usually we just play in the dark anyway). I will be getting a lamp to use so that we don't have to sit in complete darkness, but that will sit low enough that it does not cause any reflection issues. My wife does craft work with bright lights in the same room but ~18' to the left of us without causing any unpleasantness on our part.

We had the option to put the tv on the wall perpendicular (and close) to the sliding glass door with the overhead light directly in front of the tv, but I think the reflection would not have been acceptable there without closing the blinds over the door during the day and turning off the light. That being the door that the dogs go in and out of most of the time I think it might have been a pain. The ambient light downstairs is fairly low so i think those actions would have made it an acceptable location but I think where we have it now is probably the best.

Even with that minor reflection issue for us, I am completely happy with this purchase. I hesitated around thanksgiving last year when this was $699 on an EPP deal (this was my first plasma purchase and there were several large LED's on sale at the time as well) and I kick myself now for not jumping on that. I ended up getting it a couple weeks later with the EPP for $764. The picture quality is outstanding. We have a 55" Vizio upstairs (with a matte screen in a very bright room) that we have been very happy with as well, but the deeper blacks on the plasma make much more of a difference than I would have thought. Once I get another blu-ray for this set up I probably won't watch movies upstairs anymore.

Regarding other issues that I remember seeing about this tv:
- I remember reading rumors of a plasma hum when i was researching this tv but I have never noticed it on ours.
- I bought a digital receiver so that I could use some floor speakers from our old analog entertainment system, so the number of HDMI inputs was not a factor for me since the new receiver has plenty.
- Smart TV features are not an issue for me either because like someone else has mentioned there are other devices that provide those features that have a much higher chance of getting updated with new functionality as changes and additional features come out.

We only have our XBOX hooked into the system so far and it has been awesome for that. One difficulty that I have noticed while gaming split screen (that i did not notice on the Vizio) is playing minecraft. When one player opens a menu (crafting or opening a chest, etc) it is a fairly bright chunk of image in the middle of that screen split, that causes the same general area in the other split to get, or at least appear to get darker, in some cases making it hard for the other player to see what they are doing. I have not tweaked any of the tv settings so far, it is factory default, but I'm thinking I should probably try some tweaks and see if I can reduce or eliminate the problem. This is not a big enough issue for me to regret this purchase either tho.

Hope that helps...