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Also "Aggravated" actually used the identical languages as another poster meaning he has two names here because people have gotten so sick of his trolling.
Nope, sorry, only one. Apparently I'm not alone. You must be disappointed.

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1. Lenovo is massively profitable and has grown phenomenally and now is the number two pc maker in the world, blowing HP, Dell, Asus, Acer, etc out of the water. It deserves that position because it has a very solid line of both premium business class machines and an excellent line of consumer machines.
So, you're either a stock holder or an employee. Because no one else could publicly say Lenovo's junk is better than everyone else's junk. One's shit has nuts in it, the other has corn, you can have your preference but it's still shit.

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To claim Lenovo is being hurt...
You lack reading comprehension. I never said this. Re-read, or get someone intelligent to read it to you.

Btw, I've owned two Lenovo laptops this past year. Both junk, both needed repairs (hard disk, wifi, trackpad). We just began contracts and have ordered hundreds at work - laptops, desktops, all-in-ones. It's downright appalling how many are defective out of the box. We have a Lenovo tech onsite every week to repair and replace equipment, and we just started purchasing from them. Quality my ass.