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Quote from HotMaven View Post :
apple should be kicked in the nuts for not allowing expandable memory on the pros

You are clueless.... This mac's memory can be expanded.
Quote from aajeev View Post :
Not really a concern for most people these days. I'm getting ready to swap out the dvd-rom for a second hard drive on my Macbook Pro. Over the last three years I have received no more than three DVD's (beta program, movie etc...). And the only reason I was given those was just for completeness. Certainly not saying dvd-rom is not important, but more and more people are okay with not having a dvd-rom.

Exactly... I bought everything on the mac App store and now I can switch macs and redownload everything. I personally switch macs probably every 3-4 months so its a life saver.

Quote from junhao123 View Post :
I have an Acer laptop that had been running for over 4 years too that I got for ~$200. Even after lending it to people that are drop-happy. That same drop-happy person had a Macbook Pro that lasted maybe a year or two (she had to get it fixed after just 2 months).

Costs less, i7, IPS 1080p, lighter. There's something to be said when equivalent hardware can cost around half as much. And it's not like the CS you get is free. Just saying.

It's more a bashing of the Apple fans that talk about how magically superior Apple's hardware is and that somehow justifies paying so much more.
Why don't you find something that is the same form factor before you compare it... Big Grin

Quote from treepuppy View Post :
Cool.. just bought 6 of them.. gonna give them out as gifts on V-day

shake head
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