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Quote from amoghthegamer View Post :
Why don't you find something that is the same form factor before you compare it... Big Grin
What I posted was something with clearly superior specs at a similar price.
But since you asked so nicely:

Quote from mx7 View Post :
Its the holistic experience of a Mac that makes it better; not just the specs.
The superior OS and fantastic customer service alone is worth the higher price.
And the hardware quality is better than most PC laptops within the price range that I've used.
Okay fine, fair enough. Although I still find it highly subjective and unclear. It's still the whole magical hardware quality vibe.

I won't deny OSX is well designed. Jobs attention to detail really shines in the UI design. But really, superior? Superior enough to justify an increase in cost? Just not being Windows (market share something like 90% and 99% of software developed for it) is enough to argue that OSX is inferior.

I just finished a warranty repair for a Toshiba ultrabook. Took less than a week to get it sent and returned. Everything was easy and documented. I also had the choice to take it to a nearby authorized repair depot for a one day fix. It really wasn't bad at all.

But the main point is really, there is some truth to the criticism of Apple products being overpriced.
Even if all that intangible holistic value is worth the price tag, it's value you could be fine without and probably get cheaper equivalents elsewhere.
Yes, the package deal is what Apple is really selling. But it's a hefty tag for nice packaging.