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Quote from intence01 View Post :
You're completely correct, the 6D AF system is great, 11 points are better than 61, and better than 19. 1 Cross-point is better is than 41, 19, and 9. In case you haven't figured it out, Canon severely crippled the 6D so that it wouldn't affect 5D3 sales. Nikon didn't have to do this since D600 and D800 are fundamentally different (granted there are other problems with the D600, it's not perfect either).

Read the reviews watch the videos, use the cameras. There is ONE SINGLE CROSS-POINT ON THE 6D.

Simple test, put on a fast prime, open up the aperture, now try and take a few sharp images. Only center point is going to focus 100% reliably (especially in dim light). Focus / recompose is a disaster with shallow DOF.

5D3 is pro-level, they're assuming you've probably got an external flash or lighting system. The 6D is NOT a pro-level body.

The biggest complaint users had with the 5D2 was the AF system. Canon did as little as possible to improve this on the 6D.

And if you consider 5D3 is real pro body than what is 1Dx for? Extreme pro? On camera flash is a joke if you're talking pro.

The 7D is a far better camera than the 6D in almost every way except for lacking a Full Frame sensor, and lacking WiFi/GPS (which purists wouldn't care about). Better AF, better build, better weather-sealing, faster frame rate ... you name it. All Canon had to do was throw a FF sensor in the 7D and they'd be selling like hotcakes. The 6D is underwhelming at best. Don't believe me, read reviews, talk to people who used a variety of cameras, and while they'll get blacklisted for writing/publishing overwhelmingly bad reviews, the 6D typically doesn't do all that well compared to its competition.

Again, even after having said all that, at $1650ish after selling the lens (or factoring in the lens price) it's a good deal. At $2100 it was a really bad joke.
Why you keep on comparing 6D against 5D3? They're 2 different camera for different purpose, and they're a grand MSRP difference. I own 60D, 7D and 6D with 35 1.4 and 50 1.2 L. I tested all of them in extremely low light condition and honestly saying 6D smokes the other two in both AF (even at outer focus point) and high ISO performance. Everything you said is correct base on spec perception. Find me a reliable review or professional forums that prove 7D or 60D better than 6D than we talk.

It's funny when Canon "assumes" you already had external flash or lighting system when you buy only "pro" body. I bet Canon will appreciate such "sense of humor" feedback.

Also, if you consider 5D3 real "pro" body than what is 1Dx for? Extreme pro? Btw, you can have 6D for less than $1899 anytime now from reputable merchants.

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