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On top of that, the person who dropped her info didn't mention what her position is (I assume he doesn't know). It's very likely that she's just some second tier support rep. Probably in a more specialized department since she has her own direct phone number. It's very unlikely that she has very much 'pull' with the company. Many companies authorize certain level employees to offer certain types, and limits, of compensation. For example, a Tier 1 person might not be able to do anything without escalation, or possibly up to $25. A Tier 2 person might be able to go up to $50-$100. Anything higher might require Tier 3 or someone in a more executive management role. It's obvious that Elizabeth has some authority to give out compensation, but those types of things are almost always tracked. If her normal hand outs are 0-10 a day, and suddenly she gets hundreds of calls/emails for them, she would be a fool to be left holding the bag and authorize them. Because when her boss sees the report, and finds that she handed out 10-100x as much as everyone else, she would be lucky to have a job the next day.