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Quote from DQue View Post :
Someone spends way too much time for $50! This reminds of one of my friends who sued an uninsured motorist in small claim court after the accident. The damage was covered by his insurance but he still wanted to recoup his $250 deductible.

He won the case................and felt good about it.................................til the defendant (the uninsured motorist) moved to another state and didn't pay him a single dime.

Laugh! So much time and effort wasted, trying to recoup $250!!!!!!

Give it up people and move on!

But be prepared to laugh the day BB goes outta biz though!
LOL Yep most small claims go unpaid, or say you get a Judgement of $1,000 maybe that day you get $200 bucks from the person. But then NOTHING. Your options are to file another court date and go back in to address the issue (big hassle and waste of time).

If you do small claims you should only do it to make a point. Don't expect to be paid. Plus know who your suing. I mean if the person has no money do you think your goignt o be paid, how are they going to pay you?