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Quote from footer69 View Post :
I am always amazed at those that offer nothing but their negative opinions without supported facts and you wonder why this community will not rep you and you have 100 times more posts than reps???

To the person that posted reviews on Amazon, thanks, AVG 3 out of 5 Stars makes me belive that this is an average product, but for this price in my mind (MY OPNION) with Free Shipping it makes it an excellent deal for those that are in need of something like this. Like most things in life I am sure there is a bit of truth in reviews as well as plenty of operator error. Oh well to those that want to take advantage enjoy.
Why are you so hurt about this? You aren't promoting your own website, are you?! Just get over it, you posted a good deal but the site may not be the best. Be THANKFUL that fellow SDers actually care and are helping you out.

Quote from beaulieu View Post :
no , the ones I have are seasonal and about $150-$170 and steel poles and fittings
No seriously - come back and let us know where we can get these right now. I'm really curious. I mean, you came in and put the effort on how the OP's deal is apparently terrible so let us know where it's better right now. Oh wait, you couldn't find a better deal.

Oh by the way, I have access to a 3D printer. Tell me where I can get a better deal on these right now and we can talk. Smilie