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Quote from canonikon View Post :
Insurance company can deny their client's fault even though the police report says the truth so they don't have to pay out to the victims suffered from their clients actions.

Also, I don't get what's with the dash cam in Russia, is it like a MUST-HAVE thing there?

When everyone think of dash cam people think of the Russians. Are they bad/reckless drivers?

I heard if you get into an accident in Russia you gotta run otherwise the other driver will beat you up, is that true?
I'm no fan of insurance companies either. Once I was behind a truck in a parking lot and he pulled into a space. I continued down the aisle, and right when I was behind him, he decided he didn't like that space and backed into my car. His insurance wanted to find me 40% at fault because I didn't honk. The reason being I was busy throwing my car into reverse instead, but the guy backed out too fast and he managed to smash my fender. My insurance negotiated it down to 80/20, but I didn't think I should be at fault at all.

Yes, I guess dash cams are a must-have thing in Russia. I've read it's due to rampant corruption, there's a more detailed article explaining it here:
I don't know if most Russians are bad/reckless drivers, but it sure looks it from the vids!

More to the subject, what's the minimum speed you need for a decent dash cam? Class 10?