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I have been working with grey market Ray Bans for 15 years.

ALL parts for Ray Ban (excluding some very high end series) are MANUFACTURED in China in Luxotticas own factory. MOST models though are ASSEMBLED in Italy, thereby have the mark "made in Italy". The EU is cracking down on this and that is why we are seeing more and more "made in China" marks.

There is one single country in the world that have different (legit) Ray Ban Aviators: India. For some reason that I dont know (but it is since the BL days) they have their own RayBans. They are absolutely horrible! You can get them for a fraction of the real-deals online. You can see this by the label, the Indian Ray Bans have a red/white label with a red string. The case is also different.

$69 is very very close to Luxotticas buy back program. An honest large dealer (so called "top dealer") can return these to Luxottica for credit.

So are this legit? No idea, but it could be if:

1) Merchandise is stolen (most probably).
2) Merchandise is from India (lousy quality).
3) The quantity offered is small (dealer coulnt or didnt care return it to RB for credit).