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Quote from blackblaze View Post :

I cleaned up my post as well, though Im sure the damage is done. I asked the mods to delete her info and they said if that BB employee wants their information taken off, let that person contact SD, otherwise, let it remain. She is probably wondering where the hell on the internet is her info to be bombarded with calls today after helping that one soul....probably never again Facepalm
Quote from phonic View Post :
Fortunately, the person who posted the info removed it (as I did from my quote). Hopefully the outcome wasn't too bad for her.

I'm surprised the mods wouldn't censor it. Then again, maybe not after some of the other blatant disregard for common sense I've seen on this site lately. The fact that they left the "how to commit coupon fraud against Netflix" thread up for an entire weekend, apparently at the direction of the site owner, for example...
In case you guys forgot, I was the one to remove it first and suggested you do the same, but whatever.

Quote from needgeech View Post :
In general, I agree that that type of personal info should not be posted here. But I have a open case with that department, and email tag is slow, so I called her and used her. . .to get transferred to the person I needed.

Thanks (and shame on you) roleya for posting it.

Didn't everyone take a screenshot of the personal info???
Uh, you're welcome?

Quote from phonic View Post :
On top of that, the person who dropped her info didn't mention what her position is (I assume he doesn't know)...
At the time you posted this, my post was already changed to say "a call center supervisor" (her title in her email) instead of _name_.