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I don't understand how the people at Nintendo think. Buy the basic edition and after a MASSIVE update of a terrible OS that takes literally all day, you are left with a paltry 3GB of hard drive space left, not even enough for many full game downloads. The "Deluxe" only has 32GB, and Assassin's Creed 3 is 17GB!!! Want to use an external drive? Sorry, you are limited to USB 2.0... WHAAAAAA???

In this day and age of massive amounts of digital content, I am not at all surprised that people are not willing to spend money on this system when it has such terrible specs. Terrible (4 hr) battery life on the gamepad that is limited to 30 ft range (bluetooth). Cumbersome and slow OS (5GB!!!). Nonexistent 3rd party support. DRM issues that are ridiculous. A game library of maybe 4 games worth playing that isn't changing any time soon. Wow, I will take a huge pass on this one guys. Maybe in a couple of years.

At least they got one thing right... It's finally a Wii in HD!!!

Hope that answers a few questions about the massive limitations of the current iteration of this system. Step your game up Nintendo!