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Quote from ciris View Post :
Excellent point! I was thinking within my confines as a customer and didn't consider (what I now see as obvious) the counter the seller would provide...what a tangled web...Some decisions will have to be made. If the listing made mention of some restocking fee, than maybe its cheaper to to take that hit vs eating the cost of paying for shipping/tracking to return the item in addition to the risks involved.

If it hasn't been done already, possibly one can respond using Ebays own wording when they pulled the listing in regards to "no longer obligated to pay" for said item even though many already have. I guess I was fortunate in responding quickly within minutes that I received notice that the seller responded with the tracking number. When trying to look up the number and not getting results I escalated the case citing the reasoning of fraud and that the tracking number is mostly likely invalid since it wasn't traceable at the time and I was able to get the refund. I checked the tracking number the the next day and lo and behold, the bracelet/s are on their way. If I didn't respond quickly enough I would've been in the same boat waiting...
I too placed a claim the same day the order was placed. The seller did the same thing and provided a China Post tracking number when replying to the Paypal inquiry. At that time, the China Post tracking number was BS. It was than escalated to the Paypal reviewing state and has been that was since the 22nd.

Now that the item was received at my local PO, the tracking number has become live in USPS system and has a tracking record.

I think I may get the item, carefully photograph and maybe video the opening of the item. When a POS bracelet falls out (I assume) I can provide the link to the video to Paypal for their review.

Probably my best shot at this point.

It's really no big deal to lose $17, I just wish Paypal could of kept the scammer from getting the cash. I am sure they took it and are long gone, or onto another UserID.