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Quote from arenaninja View Post :
Yikes, that's true. Troublesome for large sequential writes, e.g.: Linux distros. Still much faster than platter drives though. Decisions...
I love the way people obsess over specs. Yes, this drive is ONLY 330MB/s for sequential writes. So it's like > 3 times faster than a regular hard drive. For copying files, it's faster than almost anything you are likely to be copying from. Heck, this is even fast enough to record UNCOMPRESSED 1080p 60Hz video (though you'd only fit about an hour of it before the drive was full). For 99.9% of people (and you can probably even add a few more nines in there, but I'm being conservative), I really can't imagine what source you will be getting your data from where you will notice the difference between this and a pro drive. The worst most people are probably going to see is maybe like an extra 25ms delay when saving a game or something.

But by all means, please obsess as if it means something shake head