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Quote from trpt4him View Post :
TLC huh. This is ok if you're doing mostly reads, but if you're using this for a write-heavy application, make sure you understand the longevity limitations of TLC flash storage.
XS has an xtremely long thread (pun intended) concerning write endurance with these drives.

The 840 died after 400TB of writes. No on here, and I mean NO ONE will be writing that much to a drive.

I have a 240gb Corsair Force 3 (GT model) w/ 3tb write / 5tb read. Shows 100% SSD life. This is with around 295 days (yes, 24/7 on time) of actual usage, so lets round to about 1 year to make things easier. 80 years to kill this drive with real read usage. Hmm.....

Here's the link:

For TLBig GrinR

Quote :
Samsung 840 - FINAL REPORT - DEAD - As of Day 52

Drive Hours: 1235
ASU GiB Written (APPROX): 443,309.73 (432.92 TiB)
Avg MB/s (APPROX): 101.10

Wear Leveling Count (B1): 3556 raw (1 normalized)

Reallocated blocks (B3,05): 659 (79 normalized)
Failure count (B5, B6): 0 program, 0 erase
Uncorrectable Error Count: 0
ECC Error Rate (C3): 0

Drive is dead and does not respond to anything anymore.

The main concerning thing is that the drive said it did not trigger any smart warnings before dieing! I was not able to get any useful screenshots from ASU or crystaldiskinfo after the drive died (as neither would paint their windows trying to access the drive)

Thank canthearu over at XS for doing such insane REAL WORLD testing.

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