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Quote from swingking03 View Post :
Anyone have any predictions on where the price of the 7950 might drop to after the release of the new cards (next month?). Trying to decide of I should pull the trigger onthis game deal or just wait for a price drop.
New cards aren't coming out next month, and there are even rumors they're moving release to Q4 2013. AMD exec says "middle of the year" and my gut says that sounds likely - Intel is set to release Haswell at that time and it would make sense for AMD to try and get some new parts out there for upgraders and new system builders.

As for price drop, not sure if we're going to see anything dramatic for a while - AMD made it pretty clear that they're sticking to their plan of adding value through use of game bundles. Personally I think ~$250 AR, games or no, is the ideal killer price for 7950. The longer they wait to do this, though, the less cards they'll sell as people begin to hold out for the new stuff. Ditch the games, go ~$250 AR and sell 'em til they're gone...
Quote from BeCy View Post :
Also the rumor for the 8000 series is supposed to be rebadged 7000 cards for OEMs.
Not so - you're thinking of the mobile lineup, not discrete desktop GPUs.

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