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Quote from roadbratt View Post :
The only oil that is better is AMSOIL, but it's hard to come by.
As far as sythetic oils go, yes, I have used it for years. Mobil 1 not even close. I can still get Amsoil for about the same locally w/o the coupon so, its all good.
PLEASE NOTE: Don't use synthetic oil in an older vehicle if you have not used synthetic oil in it before. It will most likely leak out. Even in the frigid temps, synthetic oils pour pretty smoth and quick. Try pouring regular oil in your vehicle below freezing to see what I'm talking about, its like molassas.laugh out loud
The seals on your older cars work just fine for conventional motor oils that you've been using, but if you switch to synthetic, it will most likely leak. An expensive, and messy mistake.
For the folks who love Purple, cheers! This is a great deal if you love this product. A friend of mine loves it. Thanks for posting OP.