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Quote from BeCy View Post :
You are free to dispute Anandtech.

Myself and others consider it to be a reliable source of hardware news.

However I trust their reporting especially considering Anands sourceLMAO

Which is a rebadged 7950 boost being called a 8950 boost

I really wish AMD didn't name them this way since it's can be confusing to many people, but it is what it is and that's what their OEM partners want.

The cards most of the enthusiast care about is most likely Q4. (could be called 9000 series)
You're just not getting it.
You keep talking about OEM parts. If you truly believe AMD will release what all of us here are interested in as the 9000 series then make that your sticking point, but don't muddy up the waters by equating GCN2 cards with these OEM variants.
You need to look for information on Curacao. That's a freebie. Quit talking about OEM parts and stay on topic.