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Quote from ktg View Post :
Wow, hate it when these pretty-good deals start showing up on video upgrades only 6 months after I've built a system that I deluded myself into thinking was fairly future-proof. My 6-core AMD box is running two 6870's in crossfire on a 1080p monitor---more than adequate for most games, but I suspect swapping in a single 3Gb 7950 should give me noticeably better performance at full resolution (without the occasional SLI image glitchiness) and, I'm betting, probably somewhat less power consumption/heat than two 6870's. But the deal would probably have to drop closer to $200 to make me think about biting.
Mmm, I don't know.

Seems that older series (6000 and below) aren't having the same driver troubles with the artifact/flicker issues as the GCN 7000 series cards, so there's always that.

I think you're better off waiting for the 8000 series (or 9000 or whatever they're going to call it, which is apparently super important to some idiots) GCN2 cards and a solid driver re-write before you consider upgrading. Of course that may come as soon as this summer, or possibly as far off as fall, no way to know at this point.

Enjoy what you've got for now and game on...