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Quote from papitosabe View Post :
too many questions on 911 to just be swept under.. many civilians, firefighters, cops at the scene had different accts... the issue with the asbestos cleanup and insurance policy was suspect...the fact the owner said, "pull it" was suspect....the fact that GW refused to answer the 911 Commission alone and under oath was highly suspect...the videos removed from the pentagon "plane" crash and never shown was suspect....a few guys w/box cutters taking out 4 planes was very questionable ...several engineers/scientists questioned several of the occurrences and also found it suspect....the list goes on... I don't have the answers but I'd say the people deserve an independent commission to investigate the issue.... you can downplay what happened and question those who want answers, but I find it odd that you would just believe everything the gov't tells you when its well documented that gov't has lied to us many times before...
hit, just look at bengazi, an in your face lie follwed by "why does it matter now"? unbelievable.