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Quote from Skidpalace View Post :
Smokin deal if you don't use this in a bright room. There is no anti-glare coating at all on this set. I replaced my U50 (same set in terms of anti-glare) with the ST50 not for the 3D or the "smart" features, but for the anti-glare. It's still not as good as my old 60U but I consider it acceptable, which the U50 was not in my situation.
Not true. I was able to see both the u50 and the UT50 side by side. The U50 is dark and has a different screen. The UT50 is much brighter and uses an anti glare screen. Picture quality was a big time difference. Now...the ST and higher are even better...but the U50 and UT50 are not the same is output. Do yourself a favor and read some reviews (testing) on the net.