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I dug into one this studies really deep one time. It simply amazing me how partisan the studies are by the facts they exclude.

I'm not gonna reference exactly all the numbers I broke down before.. but essentially you have two major categories of gun violence when ones one in the home.

1. You have suicides (which absolutely dominate in terms of percentage).
2. Then you have gang violence.. (ya that one sorta struck em also).

but then when you look at the characteristics and demographics of how gun violence occurs it becomes extremely clear.

The white/educated/suburban population makes up the vast majority of the suicides. By percentage people most prone to suicide are age 65+.

When you look at the non-suicide it primarily people with no college education/minorities/urban dwellings.

Now we all know guns are banned in the UK etc. so I was curious of their suicide rate which ones once primarily guns. Now that guns have been banned for some time.. sure enough, suicide rate is pretty much unchanged. Now they're hanging themselves, stabbing themselves, jumping off buildings etc..

So the topic of the thread is actually pretty misleading. The primary danger of guns at home is that someone may kill themselves with it. But, as proven in virtually every country with a weapons ban.. they'll do it anyways. The real danger is most likely where you live, which is primarily decided upon by income.