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Quote from usacamaro View Post :
the amazon ecosystem can be found on the ipad and android devices. of the xxxx amount of kindles sold my guess are 5% are rooted.
Yes but most of those other devices don't have hdmi out. I have amazon prime anyways for shipping etc... and now I can watch a much better selection of movies over wifi than netflix etc... basically for free (no additional monthly charge). Means that I don't have to buy another $100 wifi blu ray player etc... Plus I still don't get the ipad to kindle fire hd 8.9 comparison. They're basically the same size and both tablets but that's about where it stops. $599 for a 16gb vs $250-300 for a 16gb is no comparison. They don't do the same things cause one costs more than twice as much as the other and the content is 2-3 times more expensive as well...