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Quote from intence01 View Post :
I'll probably get flamed, but agree 100%. When you put on a zoom lens (or anything besides a pancake) it's not even remotely pocketable. If I'm taking a camera back with me, then I might as well grab a small SLR, and have access to my existing lenses. Otherwise RX100 is good for throwing in your pocket (I don't own one ... yet).

I have no doubt that these would product excellent image quality, but you have the negatives of a smaller sensor, while still not being pocketable.

Having said all that, this is a good price, and m43 IMO is probably the dominant mirrorless standard at this point.
Absolutely agree from image quality and other goodies they offer.
I own a Nikon D7000 and a range of lenses, ballhead, L- plate etc.
I was looking for a alternate (to SLR ) and a pocketable camera to carry with me.
So bought GF2 way back when released and paid hefty $600-ish. Then for the GH1 as well.

However, I saw little use of the babies as I would still carry a big bag with me always which is a little smaller than my 2-lens, 1 flash SLR bag. So finally took the plunge with RX100 3 months back.

Other negative with these cameras and lenses is, the little to no re-sale values. If you see the way the price of these cameras and lenses drop, they quite become a non-performing asset in no time. I could not sell my Panasonic gear. Otherwise you get good re-sale on Nikon or canon lenses.

If you are looking for long term investment, then I would look elsewhere as you will slowly build a parallel MF3 equipments in addition to your SLR.