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Quote from BloodGain View Post :
Agree this isn't a killer price, but a decent deal if you need one now.

Disagree that Seagate isn't great quality. You do know that Western Digital and Seagate are pretty much it now, right? Toshiba is still making drives, but really only because WD couldn't acquire Hitachi without selling off some manufacturing plants.

WD and Seagate spend their time leapfrogging each other in capacity, speed, or features like longer lifetime for enterprise drives. Both make high quality drives, and they either bankrupted or bought out all their competitors for this reason. Neither wants to give up what's left of the spinning platter market, so neither of them is letting quality slip.
All the drives I have owned in last 20 years which failed were Seagate and Maxtor. Seagate was better before they purchased the crap quality Maxtor. My last Seagates were the 1tb 7200.11 which had 4 Die within one week of owning.

All drives have issues. I think Seagate has higher fail rate and coupled with the shorter warranty (or is it back to 2 years?) I won't touch them. Why bother with Suckgate when in 20 years of WD they all worked perfectly and for decades in one case Wink? Look at this drive, lots of failure reports, strange noises that come from the drive even after a firmware update to lower the "chirping" noise.