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Quote from ctbear View Post :
Totally different class. Just look at the RMS power output (ie. i4 engine vs. v6). Which brings me to question why anyone would buy these if not for their aesthetics. For a similar price as this sale price (cheaper if comparing MSRP), one can pick up a substantially better performing 2.1 system in both power and audio quality: Klisch Promedia 2.1, Logitech z623 (z2300), Altec Lansing Expressionist Ultra. IMHO, these Harman Kardon's are not worth the price....but that's coming from a guy who picked up a brand new z2300 for $50 from an Amazon sale years ago bounce The shear power and audio quality literally blows you away (be careful of nearby windows). No need for a surround sound speaker system for my home theater with these monsters. But that's just my 2 cents.
I agree what you said, andI think there's more to the RMS. Before I say anything, I just want to point out that I own a set of lovely logitech z5500 for 8 years and they still working great.
Forgot where I read this, but normal folks dont need high RMS sub to be satisfied, that's why they make only 20W on SoundSticks3. The other logitech set z540 I owned also has 20W sub, and frankly it's enouogh. (of course they don't tremble the floor like z5500)
I can't comment on the Altec Lansin and Klisch sets because I never own them, but logitech is known for having too much bass and lack of mid and high range, which are essential for listenning music. The old Creative Megaworks (or gigaworks) are better in mid and high than logitech z5500. Maybe this HK Soundsticks has very good mids and highs just like the Creative? And dont forget SoundSticks has 4 transducers (speakers) on each satellite... and they look to be better quality than logitech's papercone..
Just some thoughts on why this set is popular.

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