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Quote from newsbinreporter View Post :
I was thinking about buying a Yoga but this might be better. Just a few questions I have that perhaps someone here may be able to answer.
1) Is the SSD upgradable ?
2) How long is the real life battery life ?
3) Can this run modern games? Not expecting super high-res here but I'd like to indulge in a little gaming on the road every once in a while.

1) Yes but it requires taking out about 11 tiny screws that strip easily. It uses msata which looks like a wifi card.
2) 4:33 hr
3) It has the Intel HD Graphics 4000 which is decent I guess. Handles 1080 vids no problem on xbmc and the games on the windows store.

Quote from vandetta View Post :
Get the vmultra drive- it has everything:
Its an external hd, card reader, and disc drive in one.

Also I've had this unit since late November- best laptop I have ever owned. This price is good considering I paid around $1,460 tax included a few months back.

Somethings I've learned:
  1. It fits the bookbook 13in mac book air case perfectly
  2. If you plan on re-imaging it- you need to place an extracted image- just the files only from a Windows 8 iso onto a fat32 usb- not an ntfs- otherwise you can not boot to it
  3. UEFI needs to be enabled in bios before you reinstall the OS. I wanted a clean install and I did not realize fast boot, disable legacy boot, and enable secure boot had to be enabled to get the same lightening fast boot time.
  4. 128gb is not enough- I updated my SSD mainly because it failed (not Dell's fault but Samsung makes the SSD) but I always planned to do so in the future when the price came down. I picked up the crucial m4 SSD. This video is identical to the XPS12 cept there was a screw under the silver badge
  5. Disable powershare in the bios if you don't want your laptop to charge usb devices when turned off...
  6. Use windows XP style scaling under custom display scaling. I set mine to 160% so that I can actually read things and so that flash videos can go full screen without the taskbar showing (its some kind of glitch with scaling). I'm using layout.css.devpixelsperpx set to 2.0 in Firefox under about:config and nosquint so that firefox remembers page zooms.
  7. OblyTile for custom Win8 tiles:

As mentioned- Dell probably could have added an extra usb port & a card reader but meh. Also I'm not a big fan of the display port- I ended up having to spend an extra 30 bucks to get a mini display port to hdmi adapter and usb ethernet port from monoprice.

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