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Quote from yarnim View Post :
cant believe they came back with xps DUO's design again. so stupid and worthless.
I looked at the Yoga before I picked this up a while back. The The Verge [] had most of the new convertible laptops reviewed and out of all the designs to me this was the best.

I bought the original Duo for my sister a couple years ago when it was $300 refurbished and my main complaint was the battery life and the fact that it had no video out. They kinda fixed that with the XPS 12. The weight is half of what it was with the original Duo and much more powerful than the Atom processor.

The design that the yoga has, where the laptop folds in reverse is the most practical and I've seen it on a lot of convertible laptops- not a fan of the exposed keys on one side though- even though they are disabled. There's the detachable keyboard design which to me is meh, same with the 180 degree twisting screen. Also there were drawbacks with that slider design that the Sony Duo uses

Arguably the "flipping" screen that Dell uses provides the most "wow" factor. It would take you longer to fold the yoga laptop in reverse w/ both hands than it does to just flip the screen on the XPS12 with one hand.

But they had to sacrifice .7" to do this- since the XPS 12 is almost identical to the XPS 13. The dimensions are the same- but the XPS 12 has more bezel around the screen and so the screen is 12.5 inches.

Turns out for me the 12.5 inch screen is too small to do work on all day and so I had to get an external monitor. I would have picked up the Sony Tap 20 which is basically a giant portable 20" tablet- but it is not a 1080p screen and that was the only reason I picked this up. Panasonic also has a prototype 20" tablet but they made it 4k res which is too much for me...

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