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Quote from bailey327 View Post :
I can't find the old thread on this. Can we get four category icons for the Drugstore/Grocery forum? Unlike other threads, we only have six category icons we can choose when posting a new thread. They are: CVS, Walgreens, RideAid, Grocery, Question and Chat.

Several well-used threads have either no category icon (Target) or incorrect category icons (Printable or Wal-Mart threads) because we don't have a correct alternative.

These are the four we had asked for. I believe Widget had made an icon up for Target already.

Iagree Iagree

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Some of our best deal hunters are considering leaving because its just not worth the headache.

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What will you do without Ding Dongs and Sno Balls?
My favorite is Sno Balls.
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I could of swore this was another politics and economy thread.

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~ the earthquake happened in japan and the waves reached all the way to california. ~