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Quote from gubbar View Post :
I've seen more than one person on SD post about that X230, and they are in no way giving any sort of unbiased opinion. It's just the typical "I bought it, so that means it's better" garbage you constantly see on the internet.

They state that the X230 is "much" better when 1) It doesn't have the tablet functionality of the XPS 12, 2) It has a 1366 x 768 screen as opposed to 1080p, 3) They come with Windows 7, not Windows 8 (Win 8 Pro costs extra,) 4) the "standard" models of the X230 do not come with SSD's, and 5) It's not even possible to get a 256gb SSD on the x230, the highest it goes is 180gb.

An x230 with 8gb RAM, i5 CPU and 180gb SSD comes out to a little less than $1,400 new. The XPS 12 that I got today with 8gb RAM, i5, 256gb SSD, 1080p screen, and the functionality to use it as a tablet was $1,125 shipped.

It is definitely true that there are multiple X230's on the Lenovo Outlet site for around the $700 mark. ALL of those laptops, have 4gb of RAM, non-SSD hard drives, a 1366 x 768 screen. And they can't "transform" into tablets. There is one on there that's an i5, 8gb RAM, Windows 7, and a 500gb SATA drive for $1,175. And again, it's a 1366 x 768 screen. I do not see in any way how ANY of the X230 configurations are "much better" than the XPS 12 configurations.

So if that's a laptop that makes people happy, fine. So be it. But for people to run on here and act like that laptop is "much" better than the XPS 12 is ridiculous. If you aren't interested in the higher resolution screen/tablet functionality/SSD features of the XPS 12, then yes obviously something cheaper like the Lenovo could be right for you. But don't act like just because you don't care about those features, that they're worthless.