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Quote from citrxj View Post :
Reading a few responses on this thread... RMS doesn't mean squat for sound quality. Anyone who thinks their Logitech speakers sound good has never heard good speakers. They produce high peak RMS, which means they get loud, but with cheap drivers all that sound is muddy compared to clear speakers.

For something like this, you're looking at pure sound quality. Even though you can't crank it up as high as a Logitech set, if you actually like listening to music you'll notice the difference right away. Bass will be sharp, mids more focused and highs more clear. Logitechs have muddy bass and overemphasized highs.

Of course, these aren't great audio either. If you have a $50 set of earbuds, chances are you've heard better sound reproduction already. But to get great desktop sound, you're looking at $200+ range for speakers, or a custom setup.
I agree.

A good amp/receiver and set a speakers would beat this any day. Even at the same price point (not including amp/receiver unless you buy used probably)

For what they are the Harman Kardon is superior in every way other than sheer volume. I genuinely dislike Logitech and think they sound like tv speakers--loud and hollow

It should also be noted that Harman Kardon has always been very conservative in their watt measurement methodology.

Electronics companies (and most audio companies) measure a channel or a speaker at a time and quote the wattage of each speaker as if you would only be using one and at full blast. Harman has always measured a system as a whole, doesn't matter if it is a stereo receiver, 5.1 speaker system or set of computer speakers.
Measuring like this produces far more realistic measurements but far lower numbers than most companies quote. Example: my Harman Kardon 150w stereo amplifier is more powerful than my 250w stereo amp from another brand

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