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Buying Sprint Iphone 4S
My folks have decided to upgrade their 4 or 5 year old Sanyo Katana flip phone and keep up with technology. They went down to the Sprint store and there was the Iphone 4S for $99.

Back in the day we were able to get a bunch of perks to their plan due to longevity, customer service etc... Was holding off upgrading the phone so to keep things like free internet and such. Now though if we upgrade to a smart phone you have to also sign up for an upgraded plan and a lot of the grandfathered benefits disappear.

They were told it would be $115 for 2 phones on the newer plan (from $75 on the old plan).

Are there any additional rebates that we should ask for or bring up when we go later to check it out?

I'm aware that there it is the same $99 at Best buy with a $50 gift card, but I'm having a hard time arguing my case Stick Out Tongue since my folks aren't too happy with the box store.

Back in the day you could get the upgrade rebates, and a rebate for signing a new contract. I just remember there were multiple things to bring the price down. Is there anything that I am missing?

Do they price match? or match specials? Is it cheaper to order with sprint via their website?
Heading out in a bit, so any quick info would be good. Smilie

and there was an added $99 savings if we signed up the home phone with Phone line (thats the selling point)


I hate tricky salespeople Frown
Lot of discrepencies with the first Sprint store we went to. Promised certain prices, but in the end they said they forgot to mention you needed to sign up for the premium package... yada yada...

$150 for unlimited plan which you only get 1500 to land lines. Even with a discount it is $130. Was able to get offered a 4S and a 4 for free if sign up for home phone line.

Still responsible for activation fees/upgrade fees. Whatever happened to free upgrades?

How do you get that fee waived?

Didn't buy the phones. Will keep looking.

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