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Quote from MusicsAllWeGot View Post :
I completely disagree that XFX is superior than PowerColor, that is more 'to each their own' and yes XFX is a good reputable manufacture and their warranties are great as well but PowerColor is definitely not the worst brand you could buy.

I'd say, go for a card that you like based on the reviews. The games are un-released yet so they should fetch a good amount because they'll be new, hypothetically, if you sold it at $40 and after fees/shipping we'll say you netted $30 each, then the PC card would have come out to $105. Besides one game though, I'm sure you'll find other useful things to do with an $800 computer and maybe it'll be able to run SimCity 2 in the future very smoothly, so could be $800 to play 2 games nod

Thanks Music. I will review the reviews. laugh out loud It's amazing that you could potentially pay a net ~$105 for this card.
In actuality, there were a couple of other reasons for the upgrade: Windows 8, 3 yr refresh I was only half joking...Stick Out Tongue