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Quote from QuickStriker View Post :
So my best bet would look for those Lenovo outlet and find a possible i3 or i5 laptops AND that's also new (she hates used products) for around or under 400 dollars???

Were there deals like that or is that even possible? I never seen such deals!!

Thanks for the help.
you can easily look around and find an i3 for under 400. Many of the lenovo outlet items are new or look new. They might be a returned item, an open box, etc. I believe that they come with the same warranty as new. Staples and Best Buy have specials, as does Dell. There should be continuing sales, since, in general, fewer people are buying laptops.

I am still using an older dual core laptop, but I am not doing anything requiring much video/processing power. If I was to buy a new laptop now, I would not buy less than i3, if I expected to use it for a couple of years in general use.