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News Texas Bill Would Prepare for Federal Meltdown
It's good to see that some states see the writing on the wall and are working to set up Plan B, so to speak, in case what many expect to happen, actually does...Texas is not the only state: others are working on or have already passed bills along the same reasoning.
Quote :
lawmakers in Texas have officially become the latest policymakers to openly explore the potential consequences. Legislation filed recently in the Lone Star State would, among other points, require a study on the effects of having to become partially or completely independent of the federal government in case Washington, D.C., is unable to function due to financial chaos.
Known as the "Texas Self-Sufficiency Act," House Bill 568 does not call for secession from the United States ...However, according to Republican state Rep. James White, who introduced the legislation, Texas would be wise to at least consider and prepare for a potential federal meltdown in light of recent developments in Washington.
As The New American reported this week, for example, the Virginia House of Delegates overwhelming approved a bill to study the effects of a potential implosion of the U.S. dollar and the privately owned Federal Reserve System. If it becomes law, the legislation would create a commission to study the issue, as well as potential solutions, such as using gold and silver as money once again, like the Constitution demands.
In Utah, meanwhile, gold and silver officially became legal tender last year. Lawmakers there realized that with the Federal Reserve creating trillions of dollars to lavish on foreign banks in recent years, among other controversial schemes, the potential for a catastrophic implosion of the American monetary system was growing quickly. If and when that time comes, the people of Utah will be way ahead of the rest of the nation, experts say.

Early last year, lawmakers in Wyoming took matters a step further, advancing a so-called “doomsday” bill. The legislation, which ended up being approved by the state House, was aimed at exploring how the state would deal with the total economic or political collapse of America. Some of the potential responses to be considered would have included the issuing of an alternative currency in the event of a dollar meltdown, or how the state might deal with a “constitutional crisis.”

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