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My two cents:

I am currently using a Lenovo I bought from the outlet... it had obviously been dropped and had the screen replaced. No big deal - just broken plastic and a dent in the wrist rest area!

WAIT!!! Lenovo says they won't send any out that have that kind of defect that could affect that area - thanks to it being annoying or scratching you wrist etc!!!

Well, mine does!

And the screen is sooo weak - my screen just cracked one day on the bottom (I have had it only about 4 months) Lenovo won't touch it now...

so I have it hooked up to an external monitor... lovely and portable... (sarcasm)

POINT IS: you just never know what you are going to get... stick w/ HP. Stick w/ New!!

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Just wanted to put my two cents here:

Avoid HP and AMD any combination if you want a laptop for more than 2 years, and not want additional room heaters.

Dell Outlet is, in my opinion, a great place to get what u want in sub400. They are not used, specially the refurbished, non scratch-and-dent ones and work well.

I have personally gone through 2 HP heaters and made my friends (on budget) get great Dell outlet deals that have lasted long enough. Lenovo outlet is good too, if u can find one there.