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Quote from yarnim View Post :
i would not quote him on anything.

ie. the system he uses, and he does not seem to have any first hand experience.

I have first hand experience with 10+ refurb lenovo's from lenovo outlet as well as virtually most of the computers out there ranging from entry to very highest end.

long story short on them leonvo refurbs: AVOID. unless they are thinkpad line.

an A6 is NOT a weak processor. the processing power itself lacks a little compared to an intel, sure, but people are working with processors that are already overkill in most occasions.

unless your sister is going to be doing some serious photowork, script writings or an entertainment freak that shes always encoding and transcoding media, this will be more than enough for several years if she takes care of it.

plus, 3~4 years is already more than the average life span of any given computer electronics nowdays.
A big +1.
Lenovo = low quality PC builds that take otherwise quality components and put them together with such shoddy workmanship and design that the whole becomes crap. on PAPER they sound great but in reality they are crap. Even the much maligned Acer laptops are better. Lenovo support is also crap as well. You'd probably be better of spending it on a Dell refurb.
Once you own a Lenovo, you'll realize how important design is - you can have the best components in the world, but a poor design renders the whole into junk.

As for AMD A6 - don't discount them. They are quite powerful and will do the job well into the next four to six years. Here is where I disagree with this poster - I would argue that the rate of obsoletion is actually slowing down quite a bit unless users are gamers (and even then, it is slowing). If your sister is like most college students (esp. girls), this laptop will do her fine well into her first job or through grad school.

AMDs are weaker than intel in raw processing power but have a very robust integrated video solution. The end result is that in real world use they are just as strong and may even be better in some areas (such as playing games).

As a point of reference, I own very high end hardware at home but I have not felt underpowered at all using my HP 6710B which runs an old core2duo with 4gb of ram and an SSD with win7.

BTW, slickdeals and google docs run just fine even on a Pentium 4....
After seven years of SD, I've come to conclude that Slickdealers are protein-powder guzzling, pistol packing, cheap-ass video game nerds.