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This is a really great deal, the second 650M is pretty expensive (>$200) when bought separately from Lenovo. In addition you need to buy a higher capacity A/C adapter that the SLI version comes with.

I can confirm via the pictures on the Newegg listing that this is the SLI version - otherwise you would see a DVD drive on the right side.

If you can deal with the i5 this is a great price, otherwise maybe the i7 for $1050 and SLI is better.

I own the Y500 and replaced my DVD drive with a simple caddy and an SSD, but the mSATA slot is great for an SSD as well, either as a boot drive or for caching.

Lenovo has their OEM version of Expresscache (SSD Caching) that runs great on this model. I can confirm it works on any SSD installed in the system. I wrote a simple guide for getting that going if you own this model and are curious: